CariPro Electronic Toothbrush Review

I have been using the Smile Brilliant CariPro for a month now and have noticed a substantial difference, not only in the shade of my teeth, but also the healthiness. 1. Powerful movements a. The feeling of the movement on my teeth feel incredible vs. using a manual toothbrush 2. Different settings a. With a manual toothbrush, … Continue reading CariPro Electronic Toothbrush Review

Ireland – Top Four Things to Do

We spent a total of two days in Ireland and really just did the basics. Dublin Castle Guinness Brewery Cliffs of Moher We got rained out at Cliffs of Moher, but decided to make the climb regardless. This is how it looked when we got to the top, but you can see what it's supposed … Continue reading Ireland – Top Four Things to Do

How to Conquer a Hike With Toddlers

We recently hiked Snowdon (Pyg Trail) and wanted to share what we brought for the twins and what I wore to ensure I made it all the way up and down. For the Kids Backpack carrier - obviously, this is a must. I made the mistake of forgetting my backpack carrier for Arthur's seat in … Continue reading How to Conquer a Hike With Toddlers

Paris Getaway – Part II – Day Trips

This is the second post on a three post series. If you missed out on checking how our travel time went, check it out here.  Day I To plan our trip out, we used an awesome site, Visit A City. This site gets so specific that it gives you the best times for visiting the … Continue reading Paris Getaway – Part II – Day Trips

Peterborough Cathedral Visit

Venturing to Peterborough Cathedral is something I've wanted to do for a long time. The Queen Katharine (Catherine) of Aragon is buried here and the last weekend of January, there is a celebration of her life in England. Catherine was the daughter of Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon (Spain). Aventurándome … Continue reading Peterborough Cathedral Visit

Weekend Getaway To Scotland

  We are trying to take advantage of Michael's four day weekends and travel somewhere each one. For Presidents' Day, we decided to venture the 6+ hour road trip to Scotland. Now Scotland is HUGE so we decided to explore Edinburgh and Stirling. We left Friday mid-morning (we wanted to leave earlier but, well, you … Continue reading Weekend Getaway To Scotland