Paris Getaway Part I – The Travel



This post is part I of a III part series.

Paris – Part I


We live just outside of Cambridge and despite ALL of the advice we received, we took the Eurotunnel through the Chunnel (tunnel + channel), it’s a real word, I promise. It took us about two hours to arrive at the port of Folkestone, and if taking the Chunnel, I advise arriving with time to spare. You need to drive through customs, print your boarding pass, and drive into the train. It was all really simple, and I was impressed with how smooth the process was. The ride was about 35 minutes and we arrived in Calais, France. There is no ‘welcome area’, you literally drive right into the city.

Although we will dabble in various ways to travel to Paris (ferry, plane, Eurostar), I am a big fan of this method. We were able to let Santiago and Sofia out of their car seats, eat, sit back and relax, all in our own vehicle. With the twins still being rather young, we want to drive to as many places as possible.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to travel this much within our time in Europe. Traveling with our twins should not hinder us from exploring these majestic destinations.


One of the main reasons why we decided to drive is the amount of crap (stuff) we have to bring. This time, we did not bring pack-n-plays or backpack carriers, which I felt saved us space. We DID bring two umbrella strollers (vice our double stroller), a small cooler with chilled foods, lots of perishable snacks (think beefaroni), iPads (we bought a stick to connect to the back of our headrest so they can watch movies).


I initially booked an Airbnb but after the first night realized it was a bit far from central Paris and stayed at the Holiday Inn near the Notre Dame and it was perfect. The room was gorgeous with a balcony and was reasonably priced. Our rationale at first was that we would get the Airbnb so the kids could have their own room, but honestly, they slept perfectly in the king-sized bed with us. I guess it is more of a comfort thing.

Stay tuned for Part II where I talk about the places we visited and tips for traveling with twin toddlers. 



Vivimos a las afueras de Cambridge y, a pesar de TODOS los consejos que recibimos, tomamos el Eurotunnel a través del Chunnel (túnel + canal), es una palabra real, lo prometo. Tardamos unas dos horas en llegar al puerto de Folkestone, y si tomamos el Chunnel, les aconsejo llegar con tiempo de sobra. Debe conducir por la aduana, imprimir su tarjeta de embarque y conducir hasta el tren. Todo fue realmente simple, y quedé impresionado con lo fácil que fue el proceso. El viaje fue de aproximadamente 35 minutos y llegamos a Calais, Francia. No hay “área de bienvenida”, literalmente conduces directamente a la ciudad.

Estamos muy agradecidos por la oportunidad de viajar tanto dentro de nuestro tiempo en Europa. Viajar con nuestros gemelos no debería impedirnos explorar estos majestuosos destinos.

Aunque nos moveremos de diversas maneras para viajar a París (ferry, avión, Eurostar), soy un gran admirador de este método. Pudimos dejar a Santiago y Sofía fuera de sus asientos, comer, sentarnos y relajarnos, todo en nuestro propio vehículo. Con los gemelos aún siendo bastante jóvenes, queremos conducir a la mayor cantidad de lugares posible.

Una de las razones principales por las que decidimos conducir es la cantidad de basura (cosas) que tenemos que traer. Esta vez, no trajimos pack-n-plays ni transportadores de mochila, lo cual me hizo ahorrar espacio. Hicimos traer dos carriolas para paraguas (viceversa nuestra carriola doble), una hielera pequeña con alimentos refrigerados, muchos aperitivos perecederos (piense en beefaroni), iPads (compramos una vara para conectarla a la parte posterior de nuestro reposacabezas para que puedan ver películas).

Inicialmente reservé un Airbnb pero después de la primera noche me di cuenta de que estaba un poco lejos del centro de París y me quedé en el Holiday Inn cerca de Notre Dame y fue perfecto. La habitación era preciosa, con un balcón y tenía un precio razonable. Nuestro razonamiento al principio fue que obtendríamos Airbnb para que los niños pudieran tener su propia habitación, pero, sinceramente, ellos dormían perfectamente en la cama king-size con nosotros. Supongo que es más como una cosa de confort.

Estén atentos para la Parte II, donde hablo de los lugares que visitamos y consejos para viajar con niños pequeños gemelos.

21 thoughts on “Paris Getaway Part I – The Travel

  1. what wonderful memories you’re making as a family, sounds amazing! I was born in France, Southern France, NÎmes to be specific! If you venture there ever, be sure to add some photos ; ) Have fun!


  2. Wow it’s so nice that you live in UK. It’s easy to travel around Europe, especially to Paris. It’s a dream of mine of visit Europe someday.


  3. It sounds like you are having a lovely time in Paris. The Chunnel is such a breeze to use too it makes travelling across the channel so much quicker!


  4. Oh! I think it’s great to have an airbnb in Paris because it gives you the real feel of what the Parisians can be going through day to day while you also get to be the traveler.


    1. That is definitely true. We saw down to the brands the owner preferred, but I did like the feel of staying at the hotel. Especially since it was central to all of the attractions.


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